Cunchelim residents file writ petition

Mapusa The residents of Cunchelim have filed a writ petition in the Panaji bench of the Mumbai High Court at Altinho praying for setting aside its earlier order favouring Cunchelim as the ideal site for the purpose of garbage disposal vis-a vis setting up of a garbage treatment plant.
It may be recalled that the high court in its earlier order had asked all municipalities and panchayats to have a garbage disposal site in their own jurisdiction after the court had received petitions from various quarters that some municipalities and panchayats were dumping their garbage in others’ property.
The Assagao Communidade had also filed a similar petition as the Mapusa garbage is presently being dumped on Assagao Communidade land.
The residents of Cunchelim have said that the court was misled into believing that the site in Cunchelim was an ideal site and as such the same must be acquired for garbage treatment.
Praying that the court may review its earlier order favouring Cunchelim, the residents have in their petition said that there was habitation close-by due to which the site could not be an ideal site and as such some other site could be chosen. The matter has been adjourned for hearing at a later date.
Sunday, May 11, 2008
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