HC to the help of a pollution fighter

MADURAI: The Madurai Bench of the High Court has appointed advocate Karunanidhi as commissioner to report on the alleged pollution caused by a quarry near Dindigul.Gunasekaran of T Pudukottai in Oddanchathiram taluk of Dindigul district in his public interest petition had said that quarrying in hillock at Polikadu was not to be permitted; but on Nov 29, 2007, the district administration granted permission for quarrying.Malarkodi of Chathirapatti took contract for quarrying after paying Rs 8.10 lakh to the administration. The dust that emanates from the quarry was polluting homes and farm lands nearby.He said the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board had stipulated that no quarrying should be done within 500 metre of residential areas but the quarry was situated within 250 metres. Though representations were made to the District Collector no action was taken.The petition that came up for hearing before a Bench comprising justices P K Mishra and S Nagamuthu, had prayed for cancellation of the licence.
Saturday May 17 2008 11:34 IST
Express News Service


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