One more case against Dasavatharam

The Madras High Court will decide tomorrow (May 29), its judgement on the public interest writ petitions opposing the release of Dasavatharam. Meanwhile another Hindu organisation Kalyana Subha Samithi (KSS) has filed a new petition, asking for the censor certificate given to the film to be recalled. The KSS says that the producer has chosen a sacred title for the film, which has a sexy Mallika Sherawat dancing!Represented by its president Santha Chidambaram, has moved the High Court seeking a writ to forbear the screening of the film. It sought a direction to the State government to take adequate measures for protecting the life and safety of the general public.
The organisation sought a direction to the Central Board of Film Certification to withdraw the certificate granted for the film. The organisation submitted that the film could trigger violence, social unrest and even riots. It would wound the feelings of the people in general and Hindus in particular.All this means bad news for Dasavatharam. Unless the court gives a clean chit, the film release date will have to be postponed. Meanwhile a two member panel from the Madras High Court have watched the movie Dasavatharam in a special show yesterday and reported to the Judges about the religious connections of the film
By : Settu ShankarWednesday, May 28 2008


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