Case meant to politically destroy me: D P Yadav

NEW DELHI: For the family of Nitish Katara’s killers, Vikas Yadav and Vishal Yadav, a city court’s decision on Wednesday to convict them was not only unjust but also based on alleged manipulations by the prosecution. Soon after the judgement Vikas Yadav’s father and Vishal’s uncle, D P Yadav, claimed that injustice had been done to his “innocent children” and that the prime witness was won over to frame them. “Injustice has been done to our innocent children. We will raise our voice against this injustice and approach the Delhi High Court to get justice,” said Yadav, alleging the case was meant to target him “politically”. “This is to politically destroy me. They are trying to destroy my family. My political career has been destroyed,” he said. The controversial Uttar Pradesh politician said he would approach the High Court for “seeking justice” as the trial court’s decision was mainly based on the statement of witness Ajay Katara, who was allegedly planted by the police and Nitish’s mother Neelam Katara. The timing of the pronouncement of the verdict by additional sessions judge Ravinder Kaur also left Yadav complaining. He said the verdict was delivered despite their lawyer informing the court that an application seeking to restrain the trial court from pronouncing the judgement was to come up before the High Court later in the day. Yadav claimed that the “picture is very clear” about the case as a sting operation purportedly showed talking about how he was won over as a prosecution witness. “Ajay got a cinema hall in Panipat, a gas agency in Gurgaon in the deal. We want the courts to take the sting operation into account,” he said.
28 May 2008, 1736 hrs IST,PTI


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