GFBOA threatens to file PIL over illegal fishing by mechanised canoes

VASCO — The Goa Fishing Boat Owners Association (GFBOA), Vasco has threatened to file a public interest litigation (PIL) before court if the fisheries department of the state fails to take action on the illegal fishing activities carried out by the mechanised canoe owners during the fishing ban period imposed by the interim order given by the Supreme Court.
Addressing a press conference on Sunday evening at GFBOA office at Khariwada jetty in Vasco, the association’s president, Mr Ronny D’Souza, vice president, Mr Simon Pereira, general secretary, Mr Edwin Carvalho, joint secretary, Mr Augusto Fernandes along with other members strongly condemned the illegal fishing activities being undertaken off the Goa coast by mechanised fishing canoes which are fitted with two motors of 9.9 horse power, winch, drum diesel engine and fish finder equipments which are used on the fishing trawlers.
GFBOA members, however, did not object to fishing by traditional fishermen but raised objections on the canoes, which venture into the sea fitted with mechanised equipments.
Mr D’Souza alleged that the director of fisheries is favoring the canoe owners and encouraging them to carry out deep-sea fishing. He further said that the illegal fishing activities during the ban period are affecting the Goan fishermen’ business and it was necessary to have control on the fishing activity to encourage breeding of fish.
GFBOA vice president, Mr Simon Pereira has said that the directorate of fisheries is also allotting 42 feet sized canoes to canoe owners instead of the regular 36 feet size, which is the prescribed size under regulations for allotting canoes. Mr Edwin Carvalho, general secretary of GFBOA alleged that the number of mechanised canoes involved in illegal fishing activities is about 1500, while there are only about 100 traditional fishermen in the coastal belt of Mormugao.
“We are not against the traditional canoe owners, but we are strongly opposing the illegal fishing activities being carried out by the mechanised fishing canoes”, Mr Carvalho said.
The GFBOA members have demanded that the director of fisheries should force a total ban on mechanised fishing activities on the entire Goan coastline in order to secure the the future of Goan fishermen.


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