SC issues notice to Escorts Hospital in negligence case

New Delhi, Jul 20 (PTI) A 19-year-old man has dragged Faridabad-based Escorts Hospital to the Supreme Court over allegations of medical negligence during his treatment at the hospital 15 years ago.Gaurav alleged in his plea that he was reduced to a ‘vegetable’ state as he lost an eye and many vital organs due to an overdose of a medicine given to him when he was under treatment as a four-year-old in the hospital.A bench headed by Justice R V Raveendran asked Escorts Ltd Medical Centre, Faridabad, and Dr N K Pandey to file their replies to the petition of the Faridabad resident who was admitted to the hospital in 1993 after a fall from a roof.Gaurav has moved to the apex court challenging the National Consumer Commission’s ruling that dismissed his plea for compensation.He claimed he was forced to lead a tough life as he lost his one eye and has partial vision in his other eye, decay of eyebrows, damaged kidneys, lungs, throat, food pipe and urinary track due to alleged overdose of Dilantin.The petition filed through D K Garg said that he could get partial vision in another eye only after undergoing treatment in All India Institute of Medical Science.He alleged gross medical negligence on the part of the doctors and said it was made out from the facts as the patient at the time of admission did not suffer from seizure or convulsions and did not require long usage of 150 mg Dilantin every day without doctors supervision. PTI


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