Five imprisoned for 6 years for forging SC documents

PATIALA: The CBI court here has awarded six years in jail to five persons in a case relating to forged documents.
Special magistrate Rakesh Kumar Gupta Saturday sentenced Sardara Singh, Puran Singh, Gurnam Singh, Rajinder Pal Singh and Anoop Sood finding them guilty of forging the documents of the Supreme Court (SC) allegedly to help three of them get bail.
In 1980, Sardara Singh, Puran Singh and Gurnam Singh were given various terms by the Bathinda Sessions Court. While Sardara and Puran were given life imprisonments, Gurnam was handed out seven-year jail.
The three appealed against their sentence in the Punjab and Haryana High Court and subsequently in the SC which rejected their appeals. In between, Anoop Sood and Rajinder Pal came into contact with the three accused. Both Anoop and Rajinder forged bail documents of the SC in an attempt to get bail for the accused.
Subsequently, they furnished the bail papers before the SC. The court, on its part, sent release orders to the Bathinda jail authorities after which the three were freed. The release orders were later sent to the SC.
However, what went against the accused was the fact that the SC denied having sent such orders to the Bathinda jail authorities. The SC then asked the CBI to investigate the entire case.
The CBI later registered a case in 1991 under Sections 420, 466, 467 and 120, IPC. All five accused were sent to the Patiala Central jail.
Punjab Newsline Network
Sunday, 15 June 2008


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