Hyde Act won’t bind India: Chidambaram

New Delhi (PTI): The Finance Minister, P. Chidambaram, while speaking during the debate in the Parliament said that the Hyde Act is a matter of domestic law in the US and it does not bind India.
He also stated that the provisions of the 123 Agreement will alone will prevail in regard to the Indo-US nuclear agreement.
The Government went to the IAEA after agreement with the Left parties and froze the text and government did nothing to violate this agreement, the Finance Minister said.
He asserted that the text of the draft safeguards agreement was promised to be given to parties the day India goes to the IAEA and that was done.
He said, “We are only carrying forward the exercise done by the NDA government in engaging with the US on nuclear issue.”
“The question is do we want to come out of nuclear isolation,” asked the Finance Minister.
He said that the NDA says it has no problem with India’s strategic relations with the US but Left parties are opposed to it.Yet both the groups are voting together against the trust vote.
He finally asserted that the BJP and NDA want end of nuclear isolation of India but no one is clear about Left parties stand on it.
Tuesday, July 22, 2008


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