No parallel between Bangaru, Uma Khurana fake sting: Delhi HC

Former BJP President Bangaru Lakshman on Thursday failed to convince the Delhi High Court that a sting done on him while allegedly accepting money on camera in a fake defence deal was fake like in the recent case of a Delhi school teacher. While trying to convince the Delhi High Court that he is being wrongly prosecuted by the CBI, he claimed he was allegedly victimised like the teacher. The court rejected his bid to compare the sting done on him by a web portal with a recent fake sting operation by a TV channel in which an innocent Delhi school teacher was projected as running a sex racket in a government school. “It’s different from the Uma Khurana case. In that case the school teacher was also induced but she never agreed on camera to supply the girl. So it didn’t reflect anything against her which is not the present case,” the court said. The Court objected to his contention that there was malafide intention on part of UPA government which shifted the probe into the case from a judicial body to CBI. “In that case it can also be said that there was a malafide on the part of earlier (NDA) government for not initiating a CBI inquiry and for preferring inquiry by a retired judge whose finding would be recommendatory in nature,” Justice Anil Kumar said adding that proceeding against him cannot be challenged on this ground. Senior Advocate Sunil Kumar appearing for the BJP leader questioned the authenticity of the sting operation done by web portal Tahelka and said that Lakshaman was induced and trapped by the journalists posing as defence dealers. “It is a misuse of process of law and the prosecution cannot be done only on the basis of sting operation. No case is made out against me (Lakshman),” Kumar said.
New Delhi, July 24:


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