HC focus on Koda’s cabinet

Ranchi, July 25: A PIL filed today before the Jharkhand High Court may shift focus on five ministers in the Madhu Koda cabinet.
In the PIL Kusheshwar Singh and Mukesh Singh requested the court to intervene and direct the Assembly Speaker to dispose matters related to the cancellation of membership of ministers Stephen Marandi, Anosh Ekka, Chandra Prakash Choudhary, Bhanu Pratap Sahi and Kamlesh Singh.
The petitioners have said that the five ministers have violated the conditions and provisions of the Tenth Schedule of the Constitution, which bans defection from political parties. All the five ministers have gone against the policy and principle of their respective political parties for joining the government.
The petitioners have also said that the respective cases have been pending before the office of the Speaker for the past three years.
The petitioners expressed their concern over the cases that were filed much earlier but decisions still pending. Once the government completes its term, the matter would be rendered useless.
The petitioners also said that the office of the Speaker functions as a tribunal when it comes to dealing with cases of defection of members of the Assembly. Thus, the court could intervene and direct the Speaker to expedite the proceedings of the cases against the ministers, the petitioners stated.
Saturday , July 26 , 2008


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